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Even if a home is structurally sound, it can still be filled with hazards during an earthquake if its interior has not been secured. A home’s furnishings are often the greatest risks of injury in an earthquake: bookshelves can topple, artwork can come crashing to the floor, water heaters can be yanked from the wall, dishes and glasses can come clattering out of cupboards.


Fortunately, the injuries and damage that can result from falling, breaking, and shattering household items can be prevented by bolting, strapping, and otherwise stabilizing fragile or easily jostled items. 

Water heater.jpg

A-FFIX LLC uses straps and mats from Worksafe Technologies to secure everything from water heaters and washing machines to paintings and toaster ovens. We have secured many homes in the Puget Sound area and are experienced and thorough in identifying and mitigating hazards inside homes or offices.


The water heater deserves special attention.  No one wants an 800-pound “rolling pin” loose in their basement!  The water heater should be secured against a wall with two heavy-duty water heater straps, one in the top third of the tank and one in the bottom third. Gas water heaters should always have a flexible connection to the gas supply line.  Aside from safety concerns, the water heater may provide an emergency source of water after the shaking stops.

AFFIX LLC always checks to see if the water heater is secured properly when doing a home retrofit.

Shakeout Retrofit Home_edited.jpg

How Does A-FFIX Retrofit Secure Possessions and Furniture?


We begin the securing process by inspecting the interior for potential dangers. Following a thorough inspection, we go through the list of potential hazards with you and recommend straps, belts or mats to secure the vulnerable items.


Once you have approved the straps, mats, and fasteners to be purchased, we place the order and can install the products for you if you choose. From undertaking the entire project yourself to having us do the walkthrough, ordering, and installation, we are happy to consult, supervise, and offer as much assistance as you need to secure your home.

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