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Getting under a house in the crawl space is not a favorite activity for most people. 


Whether the space is under a Ranch-style home of one story, a Tri-level home, a home with basement and crawl combination, or a home of two or three stories, crawl spaces are typically dark, dirty, and filled with spiders and/or vermin.   Crawl spaces are not the favorite work location of the crew of A-FFIX Retrofit either, but we are willing and know how to deal with them!


Homes with crawl spaces underneath usually retrofit using a straightforward two-step process.  A & C of the ABC’s of retrofit. 


Crawl space access may be from the outside, from inside a closet, or from the garage. The biggest limitation of a crawl space is usually the vertical space between the ground and flooring system of the house.  Homes with less than code clearance (16” between floor joists and soil; 12” between support beams and soil) may require special treatment.  Other limitations, such as vermin infestation or ground water, may also complicate the retrofit.

Homes built using a decking-type floor system are not able to use the ABC retrofit system but can be retrofit using an engineered plan.  In decking construction the house is built on a flooring platform made up of 2x decking material or 5/4” plywood panels over beams spaced at 32” or 48.” 

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