In 1999 the City of Seattle and surrounding jurisdictions created a standard retrofit plan.  This Project Impact collaboration was put together to allow homeowners to do their own retrofits without expensive engineering costs.  The plan uses the basic ABC’s of retrofit to secure qualifying homes.  “A” for anchor the house to its foundation with bolts or foundation plates; “B” to brace the pony walls with plywood; “C” to connect the sill plate or top plate of the pony wall to the rim joist of the flooring system with metal framing clips. 

About 25% of the homes A-FFIX Retrofit inspects will qualify to use the standard plan.  The City of Seattle offers a monthly class to homeowners interested in doing their own retrofit work or who would like to know more about the retrofit process.  Bruce Schoonmaker, who began the A-FFIX Retrofit company in 1999, has been helping teach these classes for almost 20 years.  Follow the link under Project Impact if you would like to learn more about the city program or when the next class for homeowners will be.

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