Earthquakes – The American Red Cross’ in-depth guide to earthquakes and planning for them.

Putting Down Roots In Earthquake Country – A Southern California-centered guide to earthquakes and earthquake preparedness useful for anyone living in a quake-prone area. Also available in PDF format


Home Retrofit & Free Retrofit Classes– Information from the City of Seattle about home retrofit and about free retrofit classes for homeowners, which are offered by the City every month.

Tips for Hiring a Contractor – The Department of Labor and Industries pointers for making your experience with a contractor as pleasant as possible.

Retrofit Training Materials – Training materials for contractors and inspectors; excellent information about house understructures and the retrofit process.


Earthquake Preparation – The American Red Cross’ basic overview of how to prepare yourself for a quake, and what to do during and after the disaster.

Family Disaster Planning – Detailed advice on creating a disaster plan for your family.

FEMA: Earthquake Information – The Federal Emergency Management Agencies’s recommendations for earthquake preparedness before, during, and after an earthquake.

FEMA: Earthquake Mitigation How-To – FEMA details ways in which you can mitigate earthquake damage in specific areas of your home.

After a Disaster – The American Red Cross’ general guidelines for keeping safe after a disaster, as well as disaster-specific information.

Earthquake Survival Guide – Tips on how to prepare for an earthquake and on what to do before, during and after the quake.