In consideration of our customers’ privacy, we’ve removed the names from the letters. However, if you are interested in using our services and would like to contact one of our past customers, let us know and we’ll be happy to provide you with the appropriate information.


“We want to sincerely thank you for your dedication to quality and integrity in executing the retrofit of our home. During every step of the process you went above and beyond. Your explanation of the risk factors and abatement proposals were thorough and clear. Your discussion of disruptions to every day living posed by the construction were, if anything, overstatements. Disruption was minimal and you made every effort to minimize any inconvenience and accommodate our needs.

The quality of your work was top-notch, and your pride in your work was apparent. You are clearly both dedicated and skilled craftsmen, sincerely concerned with doing the best possible job. Considering that the work you were doing will directly affect the safety of our family, we can not thank you enough for the extra effort you took to do things right.

Beyond the quality of your work, you also ensured that the work site remained safe and as neat as possible during construction, tidying up each day and removing all refuse promptly. Thank you also for your keen attention to matters unrelated to your work. When conducting inspections in preparation for completion, you even identified two potentially dangerous gas leaks which had been missed in our recent furnace installation and directed us to contact the appropriate authorities to have them taken care of.

Your unswerving commitment to honesty and fairness personally and professionally were deeply appreciated. It quickly became clear that you were sincerely committed to the very highest standards of business ethics and performance. All this, and you even came in under budget!

When we first talked about the retrofit, you said you were doing this kind of work as a community service, as much as a business. When your work was completed, it was clear that this was no exaggeration. While nothing can be done to avert every calamity, we now feel much more secure in our home knowing that you did your best to make it as safe as possible.

If you would like to use our family as a reference, please feel free to do so. If there is anything else we can do to assist you in your continuing service, please let us know. Truth be told, we will miss you guys around here.”


“Bruce Schoonmaker was the contractor who did the earthquake retrofit of my house in June of this year. He was very well prepared when he came to my home in May to inspect, and then came back to give me a detailed estimate. He was able to answer all my questions and gave me a very fair bid. He was timely and worked around my schedule (I work late and at home).

He finished the work on time and with no additional costs to me.

Bruce is very meticulous and the work he did was first rate. I have had no problems with recommending him to anyone I’ve met who has been interested in earthquake mitigation of their homes. A local TV news crew (KOMO here in Seattle) came out to my house at the end of June to film and interview Bruce and I. They were interested to see what Bruce had done to my home to prepare it for an earthquake. (A three-minute clip ran on their five o’clock news broadcast two days later).

It has been a pleasure to know Bruce and I have kept in touch with him. I am sure that Bruce would represent any product your company manufactures in a very thorough and professional manner. I know you will not be disappointed with him or his work.”

Beacon Hill

“We are writing on behalf of Bruce Schoonmaker of A-FFIX LLC. Bruce recently completed an earthquake retrofit on our 1903 home in Seattle. We are extremely pleased with the results and the professional, caring attitude exhibited throughout the process.

At 97 years, little about our home is standard. This did not faze Bruce, who called in other professionals when needed. The most dramatic example of this is when Bruce realized that part of our foundation was actually missing. A structural engineer consulted with Bruce and drew up plans for fixing the foundation. Bruce and his employee then did the work needed to bring the foundation up to code so that the retrofit could be completed. Bruce always discussed such issues with us and wrote up itemized change orders for us to approve before proceeding with any work outside the original contract.

Bruce went the extra mile when working on our home. Throughout his work, he brought to our attention maintenance or repair issues that needed to be addressed, whether related to the retrofit or not. He clearly expressed their level of urgency, and for those that had to be fixed before his work could continue, he gave us the time to fix them even if that meant changing his schedule.

We also hired Bruce to anchor the furniture and other possessions in our home. He used high quality materials to do this, with secure, aesthetically pleasing results.

Bruce Schoonmaker is competent, trustworthy, and honest. He is very skilled at what he does and has made our home safer and more valuable. We highly recommend him, without reservation, for any level of earthquake retrofit work. Please feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

Thank you so much for the outstanding job you did in retrofitting our house for earthquake protection! We are completely delighted and do feel safer in our home. (As an added bonus, the house is quieter there as well.)

We also wanted you to know that we really appreciate you putting the house in drywall-ready condition and for cleaning up so thoroughly after each day’s work. It made a big difference in the rest of the house–it was completely unobtrusive.

If you ever need a reference, please don’t hesitate to use us. We thought you did a high-quality, efficient, conscientious, and honest job. And we’d be happy to tell anyone just that!”


“We are very pleased with the earthquake retrofit done for us by A-FFIX. The construction crew was professional in every aspect and did a good job in coping with the unexpected problems that come up when working on an old (1927) house. The work site was kept very tidy throughout the job and the clean-up afterwards was excellent.

Thanks again, it is a pleasure dealing with a company that knows its business and does excellent work.”


“Thank you, Bruce,
…for retrofitting our 1941 one-story home for earthquake protection and for adding the extra plates for a two-story house, should we ever want to add a story. The work went well. You did everything you said you would in good order and you told us in advance everything you’d do. Your people were cheerful and helpful. They even helped a friend move her dresser from our basement when she showed up without telling me. Your prices were what you said they’d be.

With this old house anchored to the foundation I feel safer now, whatever happens. Damage will be minimized and the view windows won’t be so much of a danger in a quake. The money and time we’re about to invest in fixing up the recreation room won’t be thrown into a hole, either.”


“A-FFIX did a very thorough and professional job earthquake retrofitting our house. Bruce Schoonmaker, A-FFIX’s principal, has received training in professional home seismic retrofitting from the University of Washington Extension Program as part of Seattle’s Project Impact. Bruce remains active in the group that offers the earthquake preparedness classes at the Phinney Neighborhood Association’s Well Home Program. This course is designed to teach homeowners how to secure their homes in preparation for an earthquake.

A-FFIX followed recommended standard procedures and permitting processes for tying our house to the perimeter foundation using bolts and plywood sheer stress panels. They also secured our water heater and installed an earthquake automatic shut-off valve in our gas line. Bruce Schoonmaker is very safety conscious and makes sure the retrofit gets done correctly.”