A-FFIX LLC is a Seattle-based contractor that specializes in earthquake retrofit and other forms of earthquake preparation and damage mitigation. We serve Seattle, Kirkland, Tacoma, Bellevue, Bellingham, Olympia, and other areas in the Puget Sound region. We’ve been in the business of retrofit and earthquake preparation for sixteen years. In 2006, we were commended by the City of Seattle for our service to the region. Learn more about our company’s history and commitment to excellence, and read some of our excellent references, on the About Us page.





Below, learn about our services and how you can make your family and yourself more earthquake prepared.

Find out more about how to:

Protect your house from serious earthquake damage with retrofit.
Preserve possessions and appliances with Worksafe straps and mats.
Prevent glass from shattering dangerously with 3M window film.
Prepare for the aftermath of an earthquake by planning ahead and being well supplied.
Provide greater security for your home with an automatic gas shut-off valve.